Sunday, July 3, 2011

The colour of love

This may seem like a cheesy, romantic post but it's not really. I thought that I would get that out there.

Being an artist I always see things as colours. When I think of friends I see their colour, (I know, I know. Sounds like "The Village"), when I think of abstract items I see the colour I attach to them. Sometimes it's quite literal, such as coffee which is a creamy brown (I love coffee) but sometimes it can be quite different, such as snow which I see as soft greyish purple (It has to be spelled with an "e" otherwise it's a different colour.) Don't ask me why I see these colours, I just do.

What got me thinking about this was church today. It wasn't anything to do with the sermon or the worship, although I was worshiping when I had this vision. I saw the Love of God pouring out through the crowd like electric blue waves, soft and harsh light collide in an explosion of both power and tenderness. I saw the waves wrapping like vines around people, pulsating through their hearts, overpowering them.

Whenever I think of love I see the usual colours. Pale, pale pink for friendship, soft pink for budding love. Redish pink for true love and deep purple for love that has lasted years. But God's love I see blue, powerful, electric, commanding, and yet soft and quiet, peaceful, throbbing with intensity, but mellow and calm. It's everything all at once.

Today when I raised my hands in worship I felt my knees shake from the sheer awesomeness of the One I worship, I was overcome with emotion. I praise the One worthy of all praises, who has touched me with His love.

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