Friday, March 9, 2012

Menswear-Fall 2012-13: The Meh category

To start of my three blog post spree about the wonders and horrors of fall 2012-13 menswear, I figured it would be best, and most interesting, to begin with the clothing that I liked or disliked on a lukewarm scale. Please enjoy and tell me if you agree or disagree in the comments.

While I neither like or dislike the top of this outfit I am kind of in love with the pants. Kinda. 

While I thought the three-toned suits were cool, as is this one, they got crazy and weird. I like this suit. I just would never wear it. 

Dior Homme 
 I generally love anything big and flowy, basically cape-like, but even this doesn't really do it for me. The pants, with white bird detailing, are interesting but nonetheless not doing anything for me. The styling is just off. The res of the show was very military, and green. 

There was something about the crotch on these pants, and all the pants in the line, that looks awkward. It pulls funny. But even though the clothes don't do it for me, the model sure does. I basically posted this because he's hot. 

 Hugo Boss
I like the sweater/coat look, just not enough. I'd wear it though. 
ps. Turtlenecks are gross. 
 Hugo Boss
I like the coat and I like the trousers. There is just something off with the whole look. I can't place my finger on it so it was migrated to the "meh category" 

 John Galliano 
I'd love the jacket and the vest if they were separated. Together? Not so much. 

I love capes but this Dracula-esque, bristol-board item is not right. It looks very ungainly, and not at all fluid like a cape should be. Plus, let's just pay attention to the thin single suspender strap thingy on the front of the cape. Yes that is part of the cape. 

Tommy Hilfiger  
I actually like the pants and the coat. Just not what's underneath. I would wear this, maybe 
I take the boots any day though. 

 The coat is nice, chic, sophisticated. I love how the red pops through. I just don't love the clothes. 
I want to, I just don't. 

Marc by Marc Jacobs
I kinda like how this goes together, kinda don't. I wouldn't wear the top but I like it here. 

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