Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Art - The dark side of my mind

Today I recieved a message from a friend who has on multiple accounts been rather "abrasive to me". This is what he said:

Hey man,
I saw your latest profile pic. It seems a little dark spiritually. 

I think you and I are drawn to darker art and have somewhat of a fascination for it more than most people. It's been hard for me to find some way to justify it. But I think it could be true that dark art is perhaps an outpouring or releasing of pain.

Don't get me wrong. Please, don't. This is not a judgment call on you. I just want to know where you're coming from, since some of your art is kinda scary!

Take care man.

At first I was livid. I can't stand when people think it is their place to criticize me for my art which is an extension of myself. But it got me thinking. So this is what I replied:

  I understand that you think that some of art is scary. It is. Dark art speaks to me and I find myself unable to truly commit to something that is just happy and empty. The reason my profile pic is scary right now is because I couldn't stand to come online and see a happy picture beside my name. So I made it more appropriate. 

Is it an outpouring of pain? Yes. And anger. And a little depression too. Life is not happy and my art is the one place I can't lie. I'm not saying that I've turned from God, I haven't, however There is more going on than I can handle right now. 

Please don't send me a good intentioned speech about giving your problems to God and how He's always there for us when we need Him. I know all this. And I'm relying heavily on God right now. If it wasn't for God I wouldn't be alive right now. 

So I apologize if my art scares you. It scares me too sometimes. But I can't help it, and I won't compromise the one thing that is gives me comfort these days.

So why do people create dark art? Why are we drawn to it? Is it the sin in us speaking? Is it a cry for help from the pain and anger in our lives?

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