Friday, April 29, 2011

It's a little bleak here

It seems like my canvas has gone grey. Loneliness has set in, like a cold, clammy fog off the bay, and while I know it won't be for long, I still want to cry.
Sometimes I feel so alone, truly alone. But then I remember that I'm never alone.
It's just hard to push through the thick cloud of black thoughts to see the light. I need to see the light. Without the light I fall. I feel as though I stand on a precipice, perched like a bird who has never learned to fly. Without the light I will fall, a fall from which I will never recover. But this void that I stand at the edge of, it's filled with living darkness, it pulls at me, clawing, grasping, dragging. I struggle to stay on the solid ground, but I can't rely on my strength. It's not enough and one day I will plummet into the darkness. But still I stand. For now.
Only the light keeps me up. Without it I have no reason to live.

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